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What are International Premium Rate Numbers?

International premium rate numbers (IPRN) refers to internationally available telephone-based premium services. It is analogous to "900" or "976" numbers in North America, which always charge in excess of regular call charges.


Who can use IPRN?

International premium rate numbers can be used from Companies and Individuals. Many countries in the world mostly in Asia, the Middle East and Africa do not have domestic premium rate numbers and solutions that are useful for this type of activities. That is where international premium rate numbers are used. The way that they work is broadly the same. The end users calling the premium numbers are charged and Telepremium pay you commission.


How can I get IPRN?

You can get your IPRN from Telepremium. All you need is to have a Telepremium account. From the menu in your account you can request IPRN trough our automatic system for number assignment.


What is Content Provider?

Having premium rate numbers makes you a Content Provider. Content Provider is providing voice and data services to the customers calling his premium numbers. Content Providers mostly use IPRN for voting, live chats, call TV, quiz shows, horoscopes, adult chat, sex conversations, calls, internet access and much more. Content Providers could be TV stations, internet web portals, mobile content suppliers, or indeed any company which requires an alternative method of charging its customers by phone, is a potential partner of Telepremium. International Premium Rate Numbers are based on a Pay per Minute system, where the content provider can decide the amount to charge the customer.


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